Appdictive is a product and app development company with a strong focus on developing and designing products of the future. For this we utilize skills within Prototyping, App-development, 3D modelling and printing, Embedded Devices, Interaction- and UX-design, and more.

With master degrees in IT product development, Appdictive have multiple years of experience in designing and developing products that bridges between the physical and the digital worlds. Our skills enables us to take care of the entire development process from idea to functioning prototype.

Besides this we each have more than 4 years of experience in Android development, and our apps have been downloaded more than 1 million times. In 2014 we even became the proud winners of the danish championship in appdevelopment, called Appy Days.

##What can we offer We can help you realize your project ideas. We can be part of the development process as consultants or entirely handle big parts of the development. In a cooperation we will identify which kind of prototype that makes the most sense for you, and which fidelity of prototype is needed. Together we will realize your idea and create the prototypes you need.

##Project example: EcoClock EcoClock was developed in cooperation with the EcoSense research group at Aarhus University. The researcers needed to develop a clock that can help the owner make environmentally friendly decisions on their energy consumption. Appdictive handled the implementation of a design in mechanics, electronics and code. Firstly a simple technical functional prototype was developed to validate the solution, whereafter a final prototype was developed in plywood and acrylic using a lasercutter.

EcoClock prototype