Every once in a while Appdictive and our products gets mentioned - here is a collection of some of those occurrences as well as general PR material.
Disclaimer: Some of the references and material by be in Danish!

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Future of finance

Mar - 2016

A weekend hackathon hosted by Spar Nord focused on fintech. The first price was 100.000 DKK which our team won. Read more about the hackathon here: Recap of the future of finance hackathon

Appy Days competition 2014

Appy Days is a danish competition in app development open for all app developers, designers, idea jugglers and the likes. We attended in 2014, and won! which lead to some mentions about it:

And some featuring in the coverage of the event by Jyske Bank TV:

About Appdictive

Nov - 2016

A small company profile piece regard how Appdictive started:

Jul - 2016

A company profile piece regard how Appdictive started and why we do what we do:

Sep - 2014

A news segment from Aarhus University highlighting Appdictive winning Appy days:

Sep 2013

CEI (Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation) wrote a brief article about our meeting with the (at the time) minister of education, Morten Oestergaard, who is also interested in entrepreneurship!

Product mentions


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Dec - 2016

A profile of Janne Jul Jensen, UX Guru, and her work with UX at LEGO. She mentions WytePads when asked about her preferences in UX tools:

…it pulls on all the strengths of a regular whiteboard, while adding an extra dimension, as it allows to pass a sketch around at a meeting, and it gives a more immediate idea of how an idea would work on e.g. a phone, because the size is 1:1, rather than a blown up sketch on a regular whiteboard.

May - 2016

A small piece on WytePads and it’s qualities:


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Jul - 2013

TrendsOnline, who love startups!, decided to author an article about us and InstaSurvey:

2012 Aarhus University also wrote about our study project that turned into a commercial product:

PR material

You can find additional material such as images and videos etc. in our PR folder on Google Drive