Segway Navigation

In collaboration with: Thisted Kommune

Segway Navigation is an app for Thisted municipality to assist visitors at the windmill testcenter navigate on Segways around the area and learn about “Points Of Interest” (windmills, the testcenter, crossings, etc.).

The project manager approached us with the concept for the app and we designed and developed the finished product that is now in use. Throughout the project we tested tablets and mounting for the Segway in combination with the app’s location features to ensure the best possible user experience in the context.

Segway Navigation in context

App features

Features of the app include a custom designed map of the area, live update of current location and warning about a road crossing, POI’s shown on the map that can be interacted with to read more about them, an intersection showing different route options. Everything in the app can be interacted with by moving around in the area, but it is also possible to manually interact with the map and the POI’s. Furthermore the app includes an admin panel for the staff renting out the Segways to check battery levels and update app version and content. All POI’s and their content can be managed remotely by administrators.

Segway Navigation screenshots 1

Segway Navigation screenshots 2