Mobile Heart Control

In collaboration with: Trifork

Trifork is a partner and co-owner in the business of Appdictive. We are therefore continuously a part of some of Triforks exciting app projects, most of which we are unfortunately not currently allowed to write about - since they are bleeding edge innovations for the customers and most of them are only just starting to reach the market.

One project we can show however is Mobile Heart Control. Mobile Heart Control is an app for people with cardiac arrhythmia. Cardiac arrhythmia can be hard to diagnose as symptoms can arise spontaneously and may only be measureable within a short time span. The app relieves this problem by allowing people to monitor their heart with a ECG monitor whenever they feel that their heart is misbehaving and send the ECG information to a doctor at a remote location. The doctor that receives the information, analyses it and sends a notification back to the user. The ECG monitor used for Mobile Heart Control is a Zephyr heart rate belt connected to the app using Bluetooth.

Screenshots from the mobile heart control app