Photo Negative Scanner samples

Our app Photo Negative Scanner has been available for Android for a couple of weeks now and we have been scanning a variety of film and photo negatives. On this page we would like to show a few examples of the results you can get with the Photo Negative Scanner app. For each sample we will indicate the light source used. We know that most people do not have a professional light box at their disposal, so in our samples we will show how you can use household light sources and which results to expect from that.

Sample 1: A red rose on 35 mm color film.

In this first sample we use the app to digitize a 35 mm color negative. The film strip shows that these are Konica Baby Film ISO200 negatives.

Photo negative scan method

These pictures was taken with natural back light from the sun on a cloudy day. Instead of holding the negative towards the sun we used the light that was reflecting from a matte white window still. When scanning photo negatives this way you will need to watch out for reflections of your phone in the film negative. Natural back light

Different camera samples

The following pictures were created with Photo Negative Scanner for Android on the following devices: Samsung Galaxy S8+, Motorola Style, Nokia 8 and Google Nexus 5x. Even though these phones have vastly different cameras the resulting photos from all of the cameras are quite usable.

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Samsung Galaxy S8+
Samsung Galaxy S8+

Moto Style Nokia 8 Nexus 5x
Moto Style Nokia 8 Nexus 5x

By: Tobias Alrøe