Remaking InstaSurvey

We have for a long time wanted to give InstaSurvey the attention it deserves. InstaSurvey has for a long time made it possible for event planners, small business owners etc. to make surveys without having to invest in large survey systems, that requires a masters degree to use.

Users of InstaSurvey have collected more than 382.000 votes from more than 120 different countries. The increase in surveys from the start of 2016 has further confirmed that InstaSurvey is deserving of an overhaul to help our users create even more surveys simpler and faster than ever before.

Votes collected using InstaSurvey

So to bring InstaSurvey into the next era of surveying we started by making an interactive prototype using our WytePads and the Marvel app. This allows for a fast and easy way of testing out the new flow and design concepts of the InstaSurvey remake. We have included our prototype below so feel free to try it out and leave your ideas and feedback in the comment section below.

By: Rune Haugaard