ADB WiFi connect

We’ve developed a very simple utility tool for you, an Android developer, to easily remote connect over WiFi to Android devices with ADB (and it’s free). You can find the tool on GitHub, and read a bit about it below.

When developing Android apps on a daily basis, your Android device is often times connected to your computer for debugging with ADB. Usually one device is connected with a USB cable, however it is possible to connect wirelessly over tcp/ip if the PC and the device is connected to the same local WiFi. This has several advantages, such as less desk clutter because you no longer need the USB cable, and the option for having your device connected to a power charger instead of your low power PC USB port.

So how to connect wirelessly to your device?
First you need to find the IP of your device, and then you need to run a few ADB commands to setup the wireless connection. This process becomes rather cumbersome to have to repeat every time you want to connect to your device. Therefore we’ve developed this simple tool that does all the boring work for you!
Just download the jar, connect your device with USB, run the jar and your device is now wirelessly connected. The tool even remembers the last IP that connected, so if your device has the same IP the day after, you can simply run the ADB remote connect tool without even connecting a USB cable.

The ADB Remote connect tool is developed in JAVA and simply runs the necessary ADB commands to retrieve the IP address from the USB connected device and use this to setup a wireless connection (you can have a look through the source code on GitHub - it’s really very simple). If you wish to know a bit more about using ADB over tcp/ip I’d recommand having a look at this StackOverflow thread.

By: Jesper Lysgaard Rasmussen