App feedback dialog

We see ourselves as great app developers. However we do occasionally receive 1 star ratings on Google Play. This could be because of a user is experiencing unknown errors or use the app in a way that we had never thought about or intended. To improve our apps we need to get to know these users and understand what horrible experience they might have had. However getting hold of these crucial users can prove very difficult.

In an attempt to get in contact with these users we have designed a rating dialog that sorts the users based on their rating. For example if a user gives a negative rating they could be directed to an E-mail intent to let them help improve the app by writing to the developers directly. If instead the user gives a positive rating they could be directed to Google Play so they can share their rating there.

Rate Dialog Demonstration

The dialog contains a seek bar and a confirm button. The seek bar allows the user to rate the app from crap to love. When the position is changed the size of the two icons change - we think this is a quite fun and relatable interaction. When the confirm button is clicked a callback is made, based on the rating, and you can chose where to direct the user. Finally below the rating is a field which changes its message depending on the user rating being recognized as negative or positive. This field is important! It gives the user transparency into what will happen when the position of the seek bar is changed and they might change the position again if they would rather be directed to email than to Google Play.

We released the dialog for free as a library on github called App Feedback Dialog. Here you can get more information on how to implement the dialog in your own projects.

The dialog is designed with material design in mind and can is quite easy to integrate into your own project. You only have to provide texts and define the strategy that the dialog should use. If you like you can also specify a color.

By: Rune Haugaard