3D Cow Dung Bingo

First off what is cow dung bingo you might ask, and put simply it is a game in which a grid is made with the numbers from 1 to 90. A cow is then released inside the grid and the contestants then wager on which number the cow places a cow dung.

In our case we were limited in both time and space as we had one day to get it all ready and it had to be done in the company building, so getting a live cow and making a large grid was out of the question. Luckily we had a 3D printer available and a vivid imagination. So we set out with a simple plan:

  • Make a digital field with a grid which can be placed under the glass bed of the 3D printer
  • Make a script that would move the printer head around the grid and once in a while leave a steaming pile of PLA poop
  • Make the 3D printer look the part
  • Make slips for waging

All the needed code and graphics can be found on bitbucket here.

The field, slips and a cow

The field with the grid was made in a 8-bit top down theme using generic map tiles to create the field.

Cow dung bingo field

We decided to go with a simple 10 x 9 grid containing the numbers from 1 - 90 which we reused on the betting slip only adding a little fence for better visual integration.

Cow dung bingo betting slip

Scripting a cow

The script was written in python and designed to work with a reprap 3D printer running marlin.

And there you have it

By: Rune Haugaard