Winner of Future of Finance 2016

The winners of the Future of Finance hackathon 2016

Woha! Our team just won the first price at Future of Finance 2016 hackathon!

We have been working from Friday 17:00 to Sunday 16:00.

It took 54 hours, more than 10 liters of coffee and a lot of laughing to create an awesome prototype with delicious animations, a brilliant business idea and a world class presentation. David from Bagvendt is super charismatic and did an outstanding job pitching our project.

This, combined with a lot of great team work led to us receiving the First price - a huge trophy and the cash price of 100.000 DKK.

The team

Our team consisted of some of the fellow tech startups in Aarhus. They are all great people and you should really check out their websites.

Tom Quast and Nils Kähler from Creative Vikings, Sisse Melsen from Trendsonline, David M. Andersen from Bagvendt, Andreas Lysdal Anders from 3 Mand and Christian Jantzen and Troels A. Rasmussen. And of course our very own Rune Bjerring Haugaard and Tobias Alrøe from Appdictive.

Among the things Appdictive worked with through the weekend was these animations that was shown when a user logs into the app.

Right now we are all very happy, grateful and really really tired. But we look forward for the next hackathon where we aim for the next trophy to add to our collection.

If you would like to see more about the hackathon itself then take a look at the videos uploaded by Spar Nord.

By: Rune Haugaard