SF3 arcade controller

We were asked to create an arcade game controller to be used as an example at the “Empowering the Arcade. 8-bit Battle Royale” workshop at SIDeR 2013. So we created this.

The suit has 8 sensing areas: each side of the head, in the stomach etc. When hit in one of these areas the character in the game performs a matching action. E.g. when the suit is punched in the stomach, the character in the game makes a punch directed towards the stomach. Furthermore we have added special gloves that makes us able to make the famous Ryu “Hadouken!” move.

It might seem a bit violent to use a kids wholesuit, but the small size of the suit allows us to make a roundhouse kick to the head without overstretching our legs.

To create this controller we used one set of MakeyMakey which sends keybord presses to a computer running a FCEUX emulator. An Arduino Leonardo is used to send the “Hadouken!” combo when the gloves are used. The conductive areas of the suit was painted on with conductive paint.

InstaSurvey was used to evaluate this workshop and the results were positive. Download the InstaSurvey results

By: Tobias Alrøe