How-to; App FAQ using Google Plus

One of the big challenges being an app developer that publishes apps to the market, is to keep up with support and questions from users. We think it’s important to keep in touch as much as possible though, partly because it’s satisfying receiving feedback directly from users of the product you’ve worked hard to deliver.

That being said it is a tough task, and many developers also point out that the many emails and comments can be hard to keep up with - but there will always be questions. Sometimes features are complex, sometimes background info is needed to understand the app functionality, sometimes there are hard limits to what the app can be used for, sometimes users just aren’t familiar with the platform.. and the list of reasons goes on. There are different ways of alleviating this issue, the first being to make an easy to use interface. Secondly you can provide info in the interface, but there’s only so much info that’s relevant to include directly into the interface and it’s also best to avoid cluttering the interface with pop-up info dialogs or the equals.

As part of the user support we think a nice addition is a good FAQ page, that lets users find answers to the most frequent questions. It’s well tested and has widespread usage in the world of websites, but has not been adopted to the same degree in apps. We’ve found the easiest solution for a simple FAQ was to create a pinned post in a community (step guide follows below). Step 1 Lets first list the advantages of making a FAQ post on Google Plus:

  • People can see it in the community before downloading the app
  • Users can comment on it and give input for a better FAQ
  • Users are led to your community (we find our users to be very helpful in providing e.g. feature suggestions for future version)
  • Content is easily updated without having to implement your own server or web communications in the app

So that’s all good and dandy - lets see how it’s actually done with an entirely new app:

How-to steps

  1. Setup a community from your developer account Google Plus profile Step 2
  2. Create a post and pin it (from the options menu in the top right corner of the post)
  3. Copy the direct link to the post (again options menu) Step 3
  4. Link it from the app with a regular intent

By: Jesper Lysgaard Rasmussen