How-to disable Chrome app history sync

Ever wondered why your browser history from your phone suddenly popped up as auto-complete in your desktop Chrome browser?
Here is how to disable the synchronization of browser history between your Android Chrome app and your Google Account.

By having the history decoupled from your Google Account you can more easily manage the browsing history of your phone’s Chrome app. We’ve made an app for that called Clean Browser History which allows you to save the history you don’t want to delete, and delete the rest.

How to steps

  1. Open Chrome browser app, click the menu pop-up in the top right corner and then open settings.
  2. Click on your email account (if there is no email here it is already disabled and you are done!).

    Step 1 and Step 2

  3. Click on your email account again, which has the description text “Sync is on”.
  4. Disable ‘Sync everything’ under the heading ‘Data types’. Then disable ‘History’ so it looks like the screenshot below, and you’re done! :)
    Step 3 and Step 4

By: Jesper Lysgaard Rasmussen