Backpack Mate

It has been a while since we last had the chance to work on our own apps. This meant that it was time for us to dust-off our ideation tools which resulted in an app idea to manage and plan ones backpack before hiking.

Our initial proposal for a feature list for a version 1 consists of:

  • Create and manage multiple trips
  • Create new trip from an existing
  • Manage gear - with name, description, category, weight, photo and how much weight is consumable.
  • Overview of backpack. Distribution of weight, packing list etc.
  • Export/share ones packing list/trip details

Here are some of the first design ideas for the app

Backpack mate app idea screen 1 Backpack mate app idea screen 2 Backpack mate app idea screen 3

The landscape in the sketch is designed by Freepik

Our goal for this app beyond version 1 is not only to be an efficient tool for managing ones backpack but also to help the user with the planning and packing based on trip information, weather, hiking experience etc. By knowing the trail, date, weather conditions and the user it should be possible to recommend e.g. how much water the hiker needs to carry.

If you like the idea or have input on how to make it even better, please leave a comment.

By: Rune Haugaard