The Photo Negative Scanner app is the perfect companion for everyone that wants to look at photo negatives. It uses the camera and works as a magic loupe that automatically inverts and corrects colors so that you easily can see what is on your negatives. Click the capture button to scan the negative and save it or share it with friends and family. Take a look at the video below for a demonstration of how the app works.

Photo negative scanner is a great tool for proofing negatives if you are into analog photography or when you find that shoebox of old film negatives in the attic and want know which you should spend time and money on digitizing.


When you first start Photo Negative Scanner, you will see the live camera feed and a square box crosshair. Click on the screen and the app is calibrated based on the content of that square box crosshair. To get the best results from the calibration try to fit as much of the image with in the box as possible, while making sure only to include the film and none of the border. Take a look at the video below to see how to make a perfect calibration.

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