InstaSurvey is the tool that you need to create customer surveys in just a few seconds.

Our mailbox is full of tedious long surveys from eg. SurveyXact and SurveyMonkey. These would be great for companies if all their customers took the time to reply. But like me, most users simply delete those surveys.

That is why we have created InstaSurvey. InstaSurvey is a physical kiosk survey that you can setup right where your customers are. Simply install it on a tablet, enter a few questions and your are ready to go.

Our strict focus on usability forces you to setup surveys that is easy for customers to answer. You will see that they will love to give you feedback when your are only asking for a few seconds of their precious time.

Take a look at this video that demonstrates how InstaSurvey is used and visit our InstaSurvey site for more information