We use Marvel App a lot. It is great for creating quick prototypes of apps and evaluating them with costumers. Our workflow goes something like this. We sit at a meeting with a customer and do sketches on a bunch of WytePads. When we have something that we agree upon we take pictures of the sketches and use them to create a prototype with Marvel App. After the meeting we send the customer a link to the prototype. This works great. However, it is difficult and time consuming to take good pictures of app sketches with a normal camera app. You need to get the perspective right, good lighting and if you are lucky to avoid post processing in Photoshop you still need to crop the pictures.

_I’ve been using the POP app for years, and one thing that’s really bothering me is the ‘taking pictures’ part of the process. - Kuba S _

The WytePad Scan app is our attempt to deal with these issues.

WytePad Scan is an Android application that makes it easy to take great pictures of your WytePad sketches and wireframes. It acts as a smart camera that automatically detects, crop and transforms pictures taken of sketches.

Now you no longer have to:

  • Take the image perfectly perpendicular to the surface to avoid distortion
  • Have the correct lighting and settings so that colors look correct
  • And finally have to crop these images so that the sketched screens can be used

WytePad Scan uses image recognition alogrithms to detect the WytePad sketch. It then extracts the screen and runs color level correction algorithms to assure good contrast and lighting. You can either use the app as a camera and use it directly from Marvel App or you can open the app and use it to sort all your sketches into projects.

If you don’t have any WytePads you can download the WytePad Paper templates for free!

Get it on Google Play

For more information take a look at our video demonstration below or take a look at wytepad.com/app