Wallpaper Saver is one of our most popular apps. It allows you to save your wallpapers and view previous wallpapers in a gallery. No root required!

Manage your wallpapers

Wallpaper saver will automatically save a copy of your wallpaper every time you set one. This means that you can always try a new wallpaper without fearing to loose your current. You can browse the wallpapers in a gallery. Choose which folder the images should be saved to and connect the app to Dropbox so that your apps are automatically backed up in the cloud. Wallpaper Saver pulls the images from the Android Wallpaper Manager and are saved without any resizing. This means that wallpapers will be saved exactly like the show on your phone.

Unbelievable. I am so sick and tired of these wallpaper programs in the Play Store that will let you SET your wallpaper but not DOWNLOAD the wallpaper for later use. In the past, when a dev had done this in their app, I’ve just deleted the app w/o looking at the content. NOW THERE IS WALLPAPER SAVER! A GODSEND! I am no longer limited by developers’ whims and I can save all the wallpapers I like. Great job Dev! - Kristen S

Very useful and handy. This app is very useful if you set wallpapers from different sources like me. It saves the COMPLETE wallpaper so that when you apply it next time, it is still scrollable and quality of wallpaper remains same. Also has nice tiled previews of all saved wallpapers. - Ashis R

Use it to retrieve lost images

Some times you loose an image, but still have it as your wallpaper. However it can be almost impossible to get the image from your wallpaper on Android. Luckily Wallpaper Saver is to the rescue. You can use it to retrieve the wallpaper as a lossless PNG image and save it on your SD card or share it to who you want. Connect the app with Dropbox and you will never again have to worry about loosing loved images or remember how to find your favorite wallpaper.

So I lost a lot of my pictures on my phone. One of my favorite pictures was my background, but I couldn’t get off the phone because I lost the picture. I really wanted to save the background picture. I went online asking what to do. Someone told me about this app. I downloaded it. and my background was saved. thank you! - Ramairah G

It deserves a million stars. File manager deleted all of my precious photos. Over 300. Had one photo of my son set as wallpaper. Very easily moved it back to my camera file and now at least I have one photo back. Thank you so much. - Anne T

How to use Wallpaper Saver

First time you start Wallpaper Saver, it loads your current wallpaper and saves it. When it is saved it will show up in the gallery. Screenshot of first start of app

To view the wallpaper in full screen mode, click it. You can scroll the wallpaper and if you press the floating action button it will set it as your wallpaper. In the settings panel you can pick the folder that wallpapers should be saved to. You can also attach it to your Dropbox account so that you can access the wallpapers from your pc or from another phone. Screenshot of full screen image and settings

Every time you set a new wallpaper it will automatically be saved to you gallery. Paying users can get a notification with buttons to quickly undo a wallpaper change and use the previous wallpaper. Screenshot of wallpaper gallery