Sometimes simplicity is the best choice. We have developed Material Colors Wallpaper so that you can have a simple, plain background with only one color. The app allows you to pick your favorite color from the palette of Google Material colors and you can set it as your wallpaper. The app automatically adds a little magic by overlaying a gradient and some noise. This makes the color surface more material and easy to your eyes.

How to use the app

Swipe left and right to change the color hue and swipe up and down to change the intensity of the color. Click the color palette icon in the top right corner to go directly to a specific color category. Screenshots of color and color palette

Click the floating action button in the bottom right corner to bring up the ‘set wallpaper’ menu. The bottom most button will set the selected color as your wallpaper. Use the top most button to make the app automatically switch between your favoirte colors. Just select the colors that you would like to switch between and pick how often you want the wallpaper to change. How to set wallpaper and set it to change automatically

Want other colors?

If you would like to browse non-material colors then take a look at our other color wallpaper apps:

  • Nuance lets you dive in to a lot of different colors. They are all shown with name and a little story about how they came to be.
  • Color Wallpaper allows you to browse all RGB colors. That should be enough colors to make you color blind!