Escalating the ringtone volume is well known from older mobile phones and Escalating Ringtone makes it easy to achieve the same effect - customizable to just the way you want it!

So don’t worry about about remembering to turn your volume up before calls - Escalating Ringtone will do it for you! Also avoid the risk of having an embarrasingly loud ring, by having Escalating Ringtone make calls start at a low volume each time, and then escalate until you notice the call.

How to use Escalating Ringtone

To setup an escalating ringtone volume, simply adjust the graphs’ start and end point to your liking by dragging them up or down. If you wish to have vibration as well, or lock the start or end volume to your volume buttons this can be set in the settings below the graph. Once setup you can simulate a phone call and watch/hear the effect of your current setup. When satisfied simply leave the app, and the next time you receive a phone call, Escalating Ringtone will kick in and adjust your volume so you don’t miss that important call!

Screenshot of first start of app