Clear Browser History allows you to save, clear and restore browser history data. By letting you save web history, and clear unsaved history, you no longer have to lose all of your history just because you accidently went to sites you wish to hide.

Often you can use browser history to more quickly type in a previously visited site, since the browser lets you click to it instead of having to type the whole URL. Other clean browser and history eraser apps delete all this useful history, but Clear Browser History enables you to keep it!

How to use Clear Browser History

Unsaved history items is the current history of the browser that is not already saved with Clear Browser History.
Clear these to delete any unsaved history from the browser. Save these to add them to the saved state.

Saved history items is the history saved with Clear Browser History.
Clear these to delete them from the saved state of Clear Browser History.

Disabling Chrome auto sync In order to manage your Chrome browser history with Clear Browser History it is recommended to disable synchronization with your Google Account, otherwise Chrome will store your history in the cloud even if you clear it with Clear Browser History. We have written a blog post showing how to do this.

Screenshot from Clear Browser History