Blur wallpaper adds to our collection of wallpaper apps. It allows you to make small adjustments to your wallpaper that makes your icons easier to read. When you start the app it will load your current wallpaper. You can then use the slides to adjust your wallpaper as you want. Press outside the white circle to minimize it and view the full wallpaper. The floating action button the the bottom right of the screen saves the changes to your wallpaper. The slides allows you to:

  • Dim the wallpaper. This will make the wallpaper darker and your icons on the screen will seem brighter.
  • Desaturate the wallpaper. This will remove colors from the wallpaper and make it more gray. This makes icon colors more visible.
  • Blur the wallpaper. This will soften edges on your wallpaper and make it easier to focus on icons.

Great app Simple and easy to use..does exactly what it says and very affective ..would recommend - Jon T

Superb.. Just like his other apps, dev done excellent work with this one too. Amazing. -Google user

How did we develop this?

If you are interested in knowing more about how and why we developed Blur Wallpaper take a look at our blog where we have written a post about the process.

How to use Blur Wallpaper

Here are some Screenshots from the app.

Screenshots of blur and desaturate slides

Screenshots of dim slider and sliders hidden